Do you have a favourite chair or sofa which is looking shabby and in need of attention? Perhaps it no longer co-ordinates with the design of a newly renovated room? We can ensure your much loved piece of furniture coordinates or contrasts with your colour scheme. We would be happy to discuss re-upholstery or loose covers  to give it a new lease of life! Please contact us to arrange an appointment. Tired cushions can be replaced, repairs carried out as necessary and we can guide you in your choice of suitable upholstery fabrics in order to restore your furniture to it's former glory!

Our experienced upholsterer can make-up bespoke sofas, armchairs and headboards in the fabric of your choice and loose covers can be made-up for your sofas, armchairs, window-seat box cushions and for your outdoor furniture.



Upholstery and loose covers, Hale

Upholstery and loose covers, Hale

Chairs and Sofas reupholstered by my experienced upholsterer in your choice of fabric to give your furniture a new lease of life.

Restore and transform your antique furniture with new cushion interiors and reupholster in your choice of fabric to give your favourite pieces a totally new look.

This stylish antique chair was transformed when it was reupholstered in a luxurious Kobe textured velvet fabric.

Bespoke Upholstered Headboards made-up to order by my experienced upholsterer in your own choice of fabric

Bespoke Black velvet semi-circular headboard made-up to fit the existing recess together with a bespoke bedspread in this luxurious bedroom in Hale

Washable loose covers give these dining chairs a new look in this terrace in Altrincham

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We carry a wide range of upholstery fabrics including competitively priced washable fabrics for loose covers and waterproof and stain resistant fabrics suitable for outdoor use.
Give us a call on 07905 791115 and we can arrange an appointment in the comfort of your own home.