The styling of made to measure curtains can transform the overall design of a space. Whether you're lacking in confidence, simply short of time or concerned about making expensive mistakes then we will be happy to guide you through the selection of fabrics and styling of your curtains. We will come to your home with an extensive range of appropriate fabrics having had an initial telephone conversation to discuss your proposals.

Made to measure curtains, Hale

Made to measure curtains, Hale

Pair of full-length interlined and blackout lined curtains with feature upholstered pelmet

Pair of Striking Eyelet-headed curtains provide a minimalist solution alongside a roman blind in this dining kitchen

Wave-headed Curtains provide a contemporary solution for Bi-Fold doors in this Living Kitchen in Hale

This opulent fabric was made-up into a pair of full-length Interlined Curtains for a luxurious bedroom in Bowdon

Wave headed curtains stack back neatly for wide windows.

A single Full-length Interlined Curtain with an upholstered pelmet provides an elegant solution for a narrow corner window in Bowdon

A pair of Full-length Interlined and Blackout lined curtains together with an Upholstered Pelmet provides maximum blackout in a bedroom in Hale

Full-length Interlined Curtains with an upholstered Pelmet around this airy Bay create a luxurious finish in this open plan apartment in Bowdon

A single contemporary wave headed curtain provides a minimalist solution on bi-fold doors in this Living Kitchen in Hale

This Wave-Heading detail on a slotted pole provides a contemporary and practical solution for bi-folding doors.

Full-length Dress Curtains with twin pleat headings 'soften' and complement the three Roman Blinds around this bay window in Hale

These full-length interlined wool curtains combined with an upholstered pelmet and tassel tiebacks create an elegant and cosy study in Hale

This pair of blackout lined sill-length curtains with handmade twin pleat headings fit neatly within this bedroom bay window in Brooklands.

These Full-length Interlined Dress Curtains together with a straight Upholstered pelmet complement these paisley Roman Blinds to dress this elegant Dining Room Bay window in Bowdon

Handmade twin pleat headings ensure that curtains can be dressed to hang in perfect pleats.

These full-length italian strung curtains with a fixed heading provide an elegant solution for tricky pointed windows in the master bedroom and on the landing in Prestbury

Wave -headed curtains stack back neatly to provide clean lines for a contemporary look

Pair of wave-headed curtains in this bright living room in Bowdon.

Single Interlined Wave-headed curtain in this contemporary living room in Bowdon.

We can consider options for tracks, poles or pelmets, the length of the curtains, and appropriate types of headings. Once we have agreed the final proposals we will prepare detailed costings for you to consider. All made to measure curtains are made-up to the highest standard with top quality linings and interlinings and fitted by experienced professional fitters.
Contact us on 07905 791115 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements.